ECO coins are tokens that promote sustainability

You can earn ECO coins by taking actions that contribute towards a sustainable future. Think alternative transport options, conscious food choices and smarter use of energy. Learn how our actions impact the planet, and in return be rewarded with ECO coins. Participate in workshops, visit online learning environments and increase your knowledge and understanding of the challenges we face today as incentives to earn ECO!

As a reward, you can trade the ECO coins you have earned for a range of inspiring products, services, or experiences. Exchange your good actions for tickets to eco-friendly events; drive an electric car for the weekend; or receive discounts on subscriptions. You
can even donate your ECO coins to a charitable organization.

The ECO coin is a proven system to track, measure, and reward your journey in sustainability. So, you can do good, and get paid!

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Celebrating ecological heroes around the world

Each year we search the globe for people and projects that have outstandingly contributed to make this planet a more sustainable place and honor them with our  Award. Previous winners of the award include Yoyo Yogasmana for his work in Indonesia sharing sustainable farming techniques and Dave Hakkens for his open source recycling machines Sandra Ray for her work on bioluminescence and Elzelinde van Doleweerd for uprinting waste food.

So what are we looking for in a nominee exactly? We  search for people working on projects that are  community driven, use nature and technology in an innovative way and that share their knowledge with others. Already have someone in mind for 2019? Let us know here.




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The ECO coin is proudly supported by EIT Climate KIC and the EU