Stimulate a sustainable culture
within your organisation

Sustainability is created by our every day actions. But changing our routines can be very difficult. The ECO coin is a tool to help people and organisations change their behaviour positively. ECO coins are earned through choosing the sustainable option in peoples daily activities. ECO coins are stored digitally on a web application and can then be spent on green products, services and experiences within the organisation or elsewhere..

Interested in running the ECO coin within your organisation?



Waste is expensive so we can change visitors behaviours to save on energy, water, plastic and food waste and transport.


Having a common goal helps bind people together. A touch of competition can add a fun element to drive change.


We can quantifiably prove your sustainability and help you to communicate that information so that it can be shared with the world.


We enable organisations to track, measure and reward sustainable impact

By working with the ECO coin you will receive

  • A co-creation workshop to establish how your new sustainable economy will work for your event.

    A custom built, easy to use application to promote, verify and reward sustainable actions.

    Training and support for vendors in the sustainable marketplace before and during the event.

    Data in realtime so you can see what is working and what can be improved during the event.

    Impact reporting after the event so you can measure your success and showcase it to the world.



L'Oréal wanted to challenge staff at their Headquarters in the Netherlands to become more sustainable and save the company money. This was achieved by using the ECO coin to incentivise staff to carpool and take the train instead of using company cars, eating meat-free meals, being more energy efficient by switching off machines and lights when not in use and using water bottles in place of plastic cups. They were rewarded with fair trade coffee in their canteen, spa treatments and the top earners received a day off work. Actions and C02 reduction are currently projections as the work is ongoing.




Actions carried out


C02 Reduction