Climate fiction stories for Halloween

It's halloween and we don't want to scare anyone too much but sometimes it helps to imagine what the world might look like if we don't start changing our behaviour and our systems today so we have curated a short list of cli-fi (climate fiction) stories that we hope never come to be... 

Everything Change:Vol II

Published by the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative atArizona State University, this collection of ten short stories explores variousclimate futures that may one day emerge. A forward has been written by sci-figiant Kim Stanley Robinson and an interview with renowned climate fictionauthor Paolo Bacigalupi.


In the short film GROW, we visit the year 2083 wherecatastrophic climate change has destroyed much of civilization. The air hasalso become irreparably polluted. Most plant life - as well as those who growthem - has been eradicated. As a result, oxygen has become a commodity thatmust be purchased in order to survive.


Fish Inc

This story comes from a project from the Stockholm ResilienceCentre and focuses on imagining our future oceans. There are four narratives inthe series, each taking a look at how our relationship to the oceans may evolveover time due to climate crisis. It even comes with a soundtrack!


We hope these stories inspire you to think about the futurewe want to create today.  


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