Celebrating ecological
heroes around the world

Each year we search the globe for people and projects that have outstandingly contributed to make this planet a more sustainable place and honor them with our Award. What are we looking for in a winner? We  search for people working on projects that are community driven, use nature and technology in an innovative way and that share their knowledge with others.


Shahar Livne

When thinking about plastic, we tend to think of an omnipresent material that pervades our environments. Shahar reconsiders our relationship and our perspective to plastic by envisioning it as a new material in the ecology of planet earth.


Marjan van Aubel

Whether it’s Marjan's ability to integrated solar panels into stain glass windows and tables or capture solar energy to maintain the indoor climate of an indoor agricultural “Power Plant” to grow food year round, her designs harmonize nature and technology.


Elzelinde van Doleweerd

Upprinting Food is a young company, founded by Elzelinde van Doleweerd, utilizing the technology of 3D printing to upcycle food waste into edible products.


Sandra Rey

As founder and CEO of Glowee, Rey's mission is to reduce the 19% share of electricity used in the world for lighting by creating living bioluminescent systems.


Dave Hakkens

Dave Hakkens is on a quest to battle plastic waste through design. Hakkens' work focuses on sustainability. This is seen very clearly in his open source Precious Plastic recycling machines.


Yoyo Yogasmana

For his work in Indonesia for transferring his knowledge on growing more than 130 rice varieties without the use of insecticides to the digital domain. Yoyo was awarded the first ECO coin Award.