L'Oreal launches the ECO coin to motivate their staff

How do you ensure that your employees make more sustainable choices? L'Oréal hopes to answer that question with the ECO Coin. For example, by printing less, by carpooling or choosing a vegetarian lunch, employees can earn ECO Coins and then exchange them for sustainable products and services!

In addition to the worldwide sustainability program Sharing Beauty with All, it is important for L'Oréal  to make employees aware of sustainable behavior. In this way, everyone contributes to the ambitious goals of, for example, reducing CO2 emissions by 60 percent by 2020.

Ana Lee, Sustainability Manager of L'Oréal Nederland said "With the ECO Coin  we can really activate everyone. Also for a longer time. I strongly believe that everyone has a little bit to contribute when it comes to sustainability. Not only as an individual, but also collectively in a company at any position. And who knows, in the future our consumers can also be rewarded for their sustainable behavior!"

Ana hopes to continue to roll out the ECO Coin project internationally, but also that more and more companies will join. Over the next four weeks, employees can earn ECO Coins through an app by carrying out various sustainable actions, such as going cycling to work, having vegetarian lunch or lowering the heating. With those ECO Coins employees can then buy various goods and services, such as sustainable coffee, recycled toilet paper or a chair massage at the office. The three most sustainable employees of the month also win great extras, such as a day off on your birthday.

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