The ECO coin positively incentiveses communities to get involved and aims to truly value our environment. This year we are very fortunate to find a fantastic community and partner in DGTL music festival who will help us to deliver our first grand experiment.

DGTL is a true pioneer in sustainability and has been since its very beginning. They strive each year to make both the set-up and day-to-day activities of the festival as circular and sustainable as possible. DGTL’s Revolution program has already implemented an entirely meat free festival, powered the grounds using green energy and even created onsite plastic recycling facilities to make eco products during the festival. DGTL has pushed the boundaries and gone where other festivals will soon follow.

It is in this spirit that the ECO coin and DGTL will come together to create the first sustainable currency to be used within a music festival community. We will be rewarding anyone attending the festival willing to get involved and carry out environmentally sustainable actions. For example (examples to be decided) if you use a digital ticket instead of a paper ticket to enter the festival ground, then you can immediately earn an ECO coin, which will be stored on your RFID wristband. Attend a lecture or workshop about sustainability and you can earn more ECO coins. Help to keep the festival tidy of plastic cups, earn even more. You can then spend your ECO coins on reclaimed fruit ice creams, exclusive digital downloads or behind the scenes access. The ECO coin lets anyone participate with the goal of shifting both people’s actions and mindset to one that values and helps our ecology.