For the third year the visitor of the ‘Het Klokgebouw’ at Dutch Design Week can experience which ingenious designs arise when engineers and designers of various disciplines use their knowledge and understanding for the sake of design. Technology knowledge and understanding of what the user would help, challenge and enrich.

Mind the Step shows the results of the cross-fertilization between technology, research and design. On show and to be experienced are various scales of design: from ‘wearables’ that are incorporated in clothing and that monitor our behavior to complex new currency systems for the future. Mind the Step provides an oppurtunity to experience a new world in which highquality design is incorporated visibly or invisibly. Besides answers to the most significant challenges, scenarios are also presented for new, enriching experiences.

More prominently than in previous years, the story of the designer can be listened to. Within the scope of ‘Mind the Story’, there are stimulating presentations by designers in the exhibition space every day. On this website you can find, next to the description of over sixty exhibits, the full schedule of ‘Mind the Story’.

The ECO coin will be presented within the fascinating ‘Mind the Story series’ on October 26th at the Klokgebouw Strijp-S, Eindhoven. Tickets available here.